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Mirrored Las Vegas

Mirrors are always present in bathrooms. It can be considered as a staple element that serves its function. While others overlook the potential of mirrors to become a statement piece in bathrooms, plenty of others have also taken advantage of the versatility they offer. We have a huge selection of mirrors for your mirrored bathroom Las Vegas needs.

Capitalize on mirrors

Do you ever find yourself preferring to use a certain mirror? That just proves mirrors have different qualities. Homeowners should know what makes a good mirror to achieve their dream bathroom design bathroom remodel las vegas. Aside from aesthetics, there are other important reasons to upgrade your bathroom mirror ideas.

Mirrors reflect light. When they are strategically placed, they can make even the corners of the bathroom brighter. A brighter environment gives the illusion of more space, such as a higher ceiling or larger room. There are also techniques on how to make a room appear bigger than it through proper mirror placement.

Mirrored Bathroom Las Vegas NV

Types Of Mirrors For Your Bathroom Vanity

  • Minimalist Frameless Mirror

    This multifaceted design creates the illusion of a larger bathroom. It will look good no matter which side you will put it on. Hang it or simply put on the countertop. Frameless mirrors give off a sort of futuristic look that is a perfect match for vanities that have a metallic finish.

  • Decorative Framed Mirror

    Frames add a special appeal to bathrooms. It is very likely you will find a mirror frame because there is simply a wide selection of it. Frames can hold your vanity lights, which is important when doing makeup. Frames have different thicknesses, colors, and materials. If you know where to look, you might get a hold of rare frames with intricate embellishments on them.

  • Statement Mirror

    Think unique and bold. The mirror sits just above the vanity, which can easily become the focal point of the bathroom. Catch your guest’s attention with mirrors that stand out. Usually, this characteristic stems from the contrast between the design of the mirror and the surrounding fixtures. Imagine an all-white bathroom with a huge vintage mirror with curved edges.

  • Large Single Mirror

    To enhance the length of the room, a large or long single mirror can work wonders. The length of the mirror creates the illusion of a bigger and longer space. The ideal size would not exceed the size of the bathroom vanity.

  • Double Mirrors

    For bigger bathrooms with a double vanity, there is no doubt you need double mirrors. Place them at the center above each sink. The symmetry adds a chic feel to the room. You also have the option to put up rectangular, circular, or even selected ornate mirrors.

  • Cabinet Mirrors

    More storage is always better. You can attach a mirror to a cabinet over the vanity and use that to hide valuable things. No need to tell anyone there is a cabinet behind your mirror. This multifunctional fitting works for both small and large Mirrored Bathroom Las Vegas.

  • Mirrored Vanity

    What is better than having mirrors that match your vanity? Mirrors on your vanity. Mirrors should not be restricted to walls. The mirrors reflecting the floor tiles will make the room feel bigger. Plus, the surface will be easier to clean and most likely be waterproof.

  • Hanging Mirror

    Round mirrors hung from a rope is not a usual sight. This style fits very well with a white tiled wall. A leather belt usually supports the hanging mirror but other types of durable and stylish strings or ropes can be used, too.

Few guidelines before buying

  1. Check the measurements of your mirrors. They should be proportionate to the size of your bathroom vanity. A mirror that is too large can take away the focus from other fixtures. If they are too small, they will nott catch much attention.

  2. Mirrors that are too heavy allows lesser mobility. In case you want to move it to another location, you will need a helping hand to help you carry. Hanging mirrors should be heavy enough not to fall due to wind or slight vibrations on the wall.

  3. Always invest in high-quality and durable items especially since mirrors can cause injury when it breaks. Aside from safety purposes, low-grade mirrors can distort images. Choose the best materials for your bathroom vanity mirrors that will last years.

Materials that match with mirrors

Mirrors match with everything. The only thing to keep in mind is keeping too many mirrors and cluttering the whole bathroom. Our favorites include stone accent walls, white textured walls, reclaimed wood accent walls, and marble walls.

More creative ideas are coming from expert bathroom remodelers and homeowners alike. We would like to hear about your bathroom mirror ideas. Hanging mirrors or mounting them properly on walls takes time and effort. Our experts at Mirrored Bathroom Las Vegas will you plan your next bathroom mirror project according to the guidelines. Call our hotline for further inquiries.

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