Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimate

Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimate

When homeowners and commercial property managers in Las Vegas want to update their bathroom without having to tear apart their bathrooms, they call us.

If your bathtub is old or new, it impacts the tone for the rest of your bathroom. Traditionally, it is also one of the most difficult fixtures to maintain. When you choose us, you are receiving a solution that looks great and low maintenance.

With our Bathroom Remodeling Las Vegas experts, you can count on our factory-trained experts for efficient and effective bathtub and shower remodeling. For many years, we specialize in designing, building, and installing high-quality custom bathtubs, showers, etc. All of our products are manufactured in North America and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Quality Where It Counts

Enjoy a bathtub or shower that is pleasing and low maintenance. When you choose us, the possibilities are endless. You have several options to select the color, the style, and the accessories, including the faucet, soap dish, grab bar, and much more. 

We recommend knowing the Bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas before starting a bathroom remodeling project. While considering the average costs (which can give a general idea in terms of pricing), the average numbers usually do not include factors that may affect the final price. Examples of these factors include but are not limited to- local labor hourly rates, material costs, and any local permits required for the bathroom remodeling project.

As our numbers showed in 2019, the average bathroom remodeling cost in Las Vegas is between $3,735.00 and $18,172.00.


    Average labor costs to remodel 

    Average costs for materials and equipment 

 Total project costs (surface preparation, components,                 machinery, and cleanup fees)

Not Included:

    Any permits for remodeling

    Inspection and/or  Las Vegas building fees

    Materials and supplies

    Clark and Nevada sales taxes

    Las Vegas sales taxes

    Other general contractor fees, if used for the project.

For many homes, the bathroom is the one place that you can remodel and financially come out on top. Bathroom Remodeling Las Vegas is an excellent investment as it will effectively increase your property value. Feel free to add or update new fixtures, reglaze your tub, or whatever best suits your home. There's no wrong way to enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom.



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