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Bathroom Countertops Las Vegas

When Bathroom Designs Las Vegas NV, designing a full bathroom the countertop is also a big challenge. It must be durable and moisture-resistant or it wouldn’t withstand its environment. Other important factors to consider are price, maintenance, and style. The design and finish of the Bathroom Countertops Las Vegas can mean a whole lot of difference to the overall theme of the bathroom.

There are plenty of choices for homeowners nowadays especially because a great bathroom is a key to increasing a home’s value in the market. Bathrooms take the strain from frequent usage and humidity. It’s reasonable to make sure all the elements are made from the best materials. Check out the most favored materials used as countertops.

Bathroom Countertops Las Vegas NV

Materials to use

  • Granite is durable, easy to clean, and elegant. To maintain the finish of granite, clean the surface properly before using the proper sealant. It remains the choice of many homeowners who wish to invest in natural stone for their bathroom countertop. For them, the price is parallel to its quality. There’s a huge chance some of your friends or relatives already own a granite countertop, so see the difference for yourself. You can also check out our catalog for a variety of granite countertop designs.

  • Quartz is sturdier than granite because it is a harder material. You can expect to find fewer scratches on quarts countertops even after a few years later. Its non-porous nature keeps it dry and prevents bacterial growth. Plenty of color and thickness options are available for this kind of countertop. It’s also cost-saving and needs less maintenance because there is no need for any sealing.

  • Tiles have been around for years and the popularity has not wavered. Although the grout in between the tiles is difficult to clean, homeowners are finding ways to keep using tiles. Grout lines are a problem, so there is an option to use bigger tiles to avoid more grout lines. Aside from affordability, there are different designs and textures to choose from. Your tile countertop won’t have a problem matching the rest of your bathroom.

  • Solid surface countertops are made of a stable base and it has an almost non-porous finish. It is water-resistant and solid from top to bottom, so it can handle impact better. The best characteristic of this material is its ability to mimic other materials. You can also have flexibility with the design and shapes of the countertops you always wanted.

  • Wood is a beautiful addition especially to bathrooms with simple designs. The organic feel and look are the reasons why still many homeowners prefer wooden bathroom countertops despite its susceptibility to moisture. There are sealants that protect the wood from water damage, especially the parts that are near the faucets and drainage. There are plenty of thickness options. While wood can be affordable, there are other types that can be expensive.


Have you decided which bathroom countertops to install? Have Bathroom Countertops Las Vegas assess and estimate the sizes and the price, so you don’t have to canvass by yourself. We will be happy to help you when you give us a call.

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